Asset Manager

Asset Managers

Manage client accounts across sponsors and custodians with greater sophistication and ease using Co-Pilot portfolio management and the Flyer Trading Network

The Problem

Managing your investment strategies at multiple custodians or plan sponsor programs is time consuming and error prone. Block trading for best execution, trading-away and sending email allocations require hours of manual work and reconciliation — all being very error prone.

The Solution

With Co-Pilot and Flyer Trading Network, Flyer centralizes and automates the portfolio trading process across 100+ plan sponsors, executing brokers, and custodians so you can focus on adding accounts without adding operational burden.


Improve Pricing:
Block 1000’s of orders on-demand to get equal pricing for clients.

Flexible Growth Strategies:
Offer different business models (insourced vs outsourced)

Diversify Product Offerings:
Provide broader financial products – Models, SMA, UMA.