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Co-Pilot Portfolio Management

Co-Pilot Order Management

Manage your multi-asset (equities, mutual funds, options, futures) end-to-end trade order management lifecycle including order upload (numerous formats accepted), order blocking, manual order entry, dynamic order routing, inclusion of execution instructions, algorithmic trading and more. Co-Pilot supports all major order types, connectivity to over 100 executing brokers and destinations (and growing), transmission of commission and fee information, and numerous order handling options.

Supported with a comprehensive user interface, but also fully functional via API’s, you are in complete control of your trade order processing and execution.
Comprehensive connectivity to custodians and third party allocation systems (e.g. Omgeo CTM, Lightspeed TDMS, etc.)
Robust access control and entitlements to ensure proper levels of access to the full range of trading features.
Co-Pilot Order Management System

Co-Pilot Portfolio Management

Centralize your order generation and position management with Co-Pilot’s rebalancer, security specific trading functions, compliance evaluation, full model management and a robust position management system. Synchronized daily with your custodians of choice, and updated in real time throughout the trading day with trades and cash balance changes, Co-Pilot enables full portfolio management to support any of your trading requirements.

Robust sleeve management toolset to enable multiple model and non-model based investment strategies to co-exist in a single custodial account.
Build and manage complex asset allocation strategies or models of models with sophisticated strategy model implementation capabilities.
Monitor portfolios and trading activity against a robust compliance ruleset with pre and post-trade warn or prevent capabilities for concentration limits, position restrictions or trading restrictions.

Co-Pilot API

Full suite of APIs exposing full trade generation and order processing and execution capabilities utilizing the workflow and controlling end user experience as you see fit. Whether you leverage only a small subset of OMS or portfolio management capabilities, or you build an entire trading front end, Co-Pilot APIs can be leveraged to fulfill your custom or proprietary workflow, logic and user presentation.

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Build out specific components or build a comprehensive trading application leveraging Co-Pilot’s restful API toolset.
Speed time
Speed time to market and rapidly scale your trading capabilities.
Leverage the Co-Pilot position API to enable access to intraday book of record positions updated for every trade placed on the platform.

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