The intelligent path to rapidly integrate advanced and sophisticated portfolio trading tools into your wealth & portfolio  management platforms

Our Customers

The Problem

Building advanced portfolio trading tools is challenging due to the complex and intricate workflows required by traders to get their job done.

The Solution

Co-Pilot’s portfolio trading API toolset enables developers to integrate advanced trade creation and order management capabilities into any proprietary or third party wealth management platform, while providing and custom tailoring the user experience to fit the workflows and needs of portfolio managers, traders and other end-users.


Open API:
Leveraging pervasive cloud computing capabilities, the Co-Pilot API toolset is robust, always available, easily and rapidly scalable, and secure.

Control UI/UX:
Whether built as a standalone application or incorporated into an existing application, the complete workflow and user experience can be completely controlled by leveraging the Co-Pilot API toolset.

Robust Portfolio Trading Tools:
Build & trade strategies and manage post-trade notifications all from the API across all key asset classes.