Flyer Trading Solutions

Flyer Trading Solutions

Flyer provides cloud-based wealth management trading applications, APIs, and infrastructure for investment advisors, money managers, brokers, and custodians.

Built for efficient investment processing of all major asset classes, our software and infrastructure offer sophisticated trading, portfolio management, and post-trade processing. The biggest names in wealth management leverage Flyer’s powerful trading platform.

We started out over a decade ago building enterprise FIX software and a trade order management system from the ground up.

Today, those building blocks now power Flyer’s SaaS platform, Flyer Trading Network (FTN), the most powerful and fastest growing trading network, and Co-Pilot, a robust, cloud-based multi-asset portfolio trading application. The industry’s leading brands trust Flyer to power their platforms connectivity, portfolio trading and post-trade notifications.

For the advisor or manager

Co-Pilot and FTN is a fully integrated SaaS platform giving advisors and managers the trading tools they need to both manage and trade individual accounts and rebalance multiple accounts. Co-Pilot centralizes investment strategies and models, positions and trading across all major asset classes. FTN provides access and connectivity to brokers, custodians, banks and sponsors for trading and execution and positions.

For the developer

For the Developer or FinTech focused companies, Flyer’s API enables technology forward firms to revolutionize their platforms by building a highly-tailored portfolio trading suite for their advisors and managers. By supporting a comprehensive set of API technologies, REST, .NET, or WebSocket, Flyer’s APIs are the easiest way to integrate portfolio trading and connectivity within your platform and maintain your user experience and user interface.