Take control of your connectivity workflow with Flyer’s testing and certification tools. Simulate counterparty portfolio and order management processes with our complete testing suite across all major OMS configurations and asset classes. Quickly identify and resolve “bugs” and quickly launch your new strategies into the market with confidence.

General description:

  • Deliver “bug” free, high quality portfolio and trade management solutions.
  • Achieve the fastest time to market delivery.
  • Provide flexible system integration capabilities and scalability.
  • Prevent trading errors and solution failures.


With CertiFlyer, now you can:

  • Quickly connect to CertiFlyer via any of FLYER’s.APIs
  • Test your trading solutions and mimic actual workflows and algorithms against thousands complex scenarios.
  • Perform regression testing to ensure application enhancements perform as expected.
  • Report in real time application bugs, issues.
  • Run end-to-end testing of most complex application integrations.
  • Focus on building more enhancements with greater confidence and with superior quality