Tech Provider

Tech Provider

Sophisticated asset management and wealth management firms rely on the Flyer Trading Network, one of the fastest growing multi-asset trading networks in wealth management, connecting wealth & asset managers to brokers and custodians

Our Customers

The Problem

Connecting and then maintaining connectivity to all of your brokers or custodians requires significant development resources and operational costs.

The Solution

Flyer Trading Network extends your reach and capabilities while eliminating the hassle of integration. It unifies trading workflows into a single interface and connects you with any custodian and broker on the network with a basic configuration.


Access to your brokers and custodians:
All major RIA custodians and brokers on the network.

All Major Asset Classes & Products Support:
Equities, Options, Fixed Income, Mutual Funds

Reliable, Scalable & Secure:
Scale your needs with a robust, secure network utilizing a single API connection point.