Trading Desk

Trading Desk

Large Scale Efficiency With Extensive Client Customization Capabilities

The Problem

Assessing portfolio drift and trade signals across a firm’s user base and model providers is time consuming and often very manual.

The Solution

Co-Pilot automatically queues incoming account allocation changes, model updates, as well as portfolio drift triggers to let you know when an account requires attention and trading.


Centralized Instruction Queue:
Flight Deck aggregates incoming account allocation changes and model updates from any number of internal users or third party managers via API call or CoPilot platform update.

Order Review Using Your Business Rules:
Pre-Trade Review enables you to review the status of accounts with proposed orders for thousands of accounts quickly against rules that are most important to your business processes.

Automatic Routing:
Flyer’s seamless order routing now includes predefined routing rules to all of your existing custodians and destinations.