Co-Pilot API

Discover a Unified and Centralized Connection with Co-Pilot API

Real-time portfolio, trade, allocation, and compliance processing over secure, encrypted connections

We offer two distinct products

You need access to software solutions that allow you to create efficient processes tailored to your unique approach to investing and client service.

Co-Pilot API will help guide your firm to more profitability and efficiency, and reduce your capital and operating expenses, while providing you with real-time straight-through trade processing. Our technology provides instant access to multiple custodians and brokers, as well as pre-trade, trade and post-trade workflows, to help you eliminate managing infrastructure and more quickly respond to business needs.

Through our open-architecture API, you can connect your portfolio accounting, rebalancer, order management, and compliance management systems directly with custodians and brokers through a data-normalized API that seamlessly manages pre-trade, trade and post-trade processing.

Co-Pilot API automates trading for Equities, Mutual Funds, Options, Futures, and Fixed Income, and supports key workflows such as indications of interest, allocations messaging and compliance management.

As you achieve productivity gains through your technology, you can discover new freedoms previously inaccessible to teams with limited time—the freedom to engage in more personal connections with clients, and grow stronger relationships with your firm.

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