The next generation multi-asset portfolio trading platform for the alpha-driven wealth manager

We offer two distinct products

Key Features

  • Multi-asset support, including Equities, ETFs, Mutal Funds, Options, Futures & Fixed Income
  • Order entry, handling, and routing
  • Access to broker trading algorithms
  • Pre-trade, trade and post-trade allocation support
  • Agile Allocation Management for automated and manual allocation
  • Intra-day and end-of-day allocation processing
  • Built-in order blocking, trade-aways, and step outs
  • Client account trade rotation
  • Portfolio & Trade Compliance rules pre-trade, at-trade, and end-of-day
  • Extensive API Support: FIX, API, file-based, and data exporting

Cruise in the Cloud

Manage portfolios & enter trades from anywhere with specificity, scale, and intelligence through the cloud-based Co-Pilot software. Best of all, it’s constantly and automatically updated, so you always have the most complete set of trading tools at your fingertips whenever you log in.

Through an open architecture approach to integration and relationships with custodians, Co-Pilot allows for seamless portfolio & trade processing from a single system to help you save time from the beginning to the end of your workflow.

You can easily create trading rules that adhere to client-specific preferences, and use Co-Pilot’s advanced trading tools to make efficient trades and get the best pricing.

With automated trading tools and cloud-based software at your fingertips, you can more easily demonstrate your value to each individual client and build stronger relationships.

Portfolio Modeling for Advisors Who Demand More

Elevate your firm over the competition with Co-Pilot’s advanced modern trading tools. Use Block Trades for better pricing, and provide more value to your clients by helping them keep more of their wealth with Tax-Aware trading.

The Portfolio Modeler creates seamless opportunities with one-click liquidation, trade previews, robust rebalancing features, plus blocking/allocation tools and options and futures trading.

And, because we know how important fiduciary responsibility is to our advisors, we provide compliance solutions to help address unique client preferences and regulatory necessities in a simple, easy-to-use manner.

Steer portfolios in the right direction, on your own terms, and gain the functionality you need to create the best fiduciary decisions for your clients.

Dynamic Trading Tools for Large & Small Organizations

Co-Pilot provides simple but powerful user access tools. Whether your trading desk is one person or you run a -complex network of teams across different offices, Co-Pilot works for you.

Use Co-Pilot’s robust set of tools, like the Position Explorer, to view real-time portfolio holdings, values, and Profit and Loss information across an entire book of business or a single account, creating a more efficient operations teams and streamlining your daily workflows.

Co-Pilot’s portfolio modeling, trading, and connectivity features can help you complete your trading tasks faster, and provide you more opportunities to allocate your time and resources for revenue-generating client services, instead of towards completing software tasks.

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